Latest News: January 23, 2018

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism announced The Ira A. Lipman Center for Journalism and Civil and Human Rights, dedicated to advancing the mission of civil rights coverage, especially in the United States.

“With contentious debates around immigration, religious freedom, voter suppression, crime and police accountability, we need journalism that can inform and shape our understanding of race, gender, diversity and the evolution of civil rights,” said Dean Steve Coll in announcing the center.  “We are fortunate that we have in Ira A. Lipman a champion of both public interest journalism and equal rights for all Americans.”

The center, directed by Jelani Cobb, the Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism and an expert on history and race in the U.S., will convene leaders in journalism and civil rights and human rights, and conduct research around social justice issues.  The center will also enhance the academic experience of current journalism school students by contributing to curricula design and developing student activities inspired by the center’s work.

“Journalism is vitally important today and will be always in the future.  It is our first line of defense against those who would subject the world to lies and ignorance.  By spreading light and truth, journalists have the power and influence to make the world a better place to live in not just for a few, but for millions or even billions,” said Ira A. Lipman.  “It is essential that we make society more hospitable to both tolerance and truth for our fellow human beings.  This center will help accomplish that mission.”

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