Remarks To Graduates Of the China Guardsmark Security Program, December 12, 2009

It is a great honor and privilege to speak to you today upon completion of the curriculum courses of the ministry of public security of the people’s republic of China.

I cannot tell you how much it means from the Guardsmark team for all of us to give you our concepts of best practices, as we know them.

From the beginning of my life and the first photographs of myself as a baby with my mother, she was dressed in a Chinese coat, and made spectacular trips in 1979, at the age of 69, at the age of 87, to China using the trans Siberian orient express between Beijing and Moscow. In her last trip in 2005 to western China to view and kiss pandas, she deeply loved China and she instilled within me a great admiration for your extraordinary culture and history.

But over the last two weeks it is clear that our relationships between Guardsmark and each of you have grown and become stronger and personal. We hope as we said at the outset that we wanted to have a generosity of spirit and provide you with the best information and knowledge that you can possibly get.

We know that our responsibility and your responsibility are often taken for granted when everything goes successful. We must always prevent problems from happening through anticipation, intelligence, study, information and alertness.

In my career i have always sought to have the best, smartest, most capable people around me to build our organization and

For each person to be able to achieve more for themselves. Education is essential. The more education the person in the lowest position and the highest position have makes all of us more successful. I applaud minister Meng and have a special admiration for him, even though we have never met. All of us (name all of the speakers) applaud you, your attention, your interest, your questions — they are inspiring. They mean a lot to us. One of our only regrets is that we did not have enough time to do more.

We wish you to be successful. We hope that the knowledge that you have gained will reach so many people in the ministry for their own development and for the safety and security of the people’s republic of China.

I will always remember this event and I look forward to spending tomorrow night with you in New York and further hours and days in the future.

You have my respect, my admiration and my best wishes for your individual and total success. Thank you.